Order process

1. Shopping Cart

Select the products that you want to order by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. This will add the selected product to your cart. Before you finally submit your order, you can change the number of products, or remove them by clicking the box “Remove”, or you can cancel the entire order process. By clicking the button “Proceed to Checkout” you go to the next order step.

2. Checkout

Now enter your billing address and your contact details and choose your preferred payment method.

Verify that all information is correct and read the Terms and Conditions (GTC) carefully. You can only proceed with the order, if you agree to the Terms and Conditions (GTC). Click the button “Next” to go to the next order step.

3. Check the order

Finally check again your order and your details. If you want to make corrections, just click on the button “Back”.

By clicking the “Buy” button you will send your order to us. Herewith you submit a binding offer.

Declaration of revocation

All information regarding the declaration of revocation